Mario Kart: Super Circuit Summary

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Mario Kart: Super Circuit contains multiple courses of four tracks for the single player mode. You will have to win five cups, and the enemy AI becomes much tougher as you progress through the game. In other words, Mario Kart Super Circuit is the perfect example of a well-crafted game that has a little bit of extra effort put into it. For GBA fans, this game is quite nostalgic and is still one of the best Mario Kart games to date.


D pad – Steering
Start Button – To pause the game
Select Button – To honk the horn
L Button – Use items
B Button – Brakes
A Button – Acceleration
R Button – Hop or brake intensely

Mario Kart: Super Circuit Items​

Mushroom: Grants the kart user a small speed boost.
Triple Mushroom: Grants the kart user three speed boosts.
Banana Peel: It makes a kart spin around and come to a brief halt.
Green Shell: A Green Shell works like a missile, it will spin and stop any kart that it hits.
Triple Green Shell: It forms a protective barrier of three Green Shells around the kart user. The shells can be thrown like a regular Green Shell or used as a shield to protect against enemy items.
Red Shell: A Red Shell works in the same way as a Green Shell, but it will home in on an opponent kart and chase them down until they are hit.
Triple Red Shell: It forms a protective barrier of three Red Shells around the kart user. The shells can be thrown like a regular Red Shell or used as a shield to protect against enemy items.
Spiny Shell: This shell hones in on the kart in first place and targets it in particular.
Star: The Star makes the user's kart completely invulnerable to all damage, while also providing a small speed boost.
Lightning: Except for the user kart, this item shrinks all racers.It will make the other racers vulnerable to getting run over.
Boo: It spawns a ghost that turns the user invisible and invulnerable to all damage for a short period of time. It also steals an opponent’s item.

Mario Kart : Super Circuit Courses & Cups​

1. Mushroom Cup

Peach Circuit

Shy Guy Beach

Riverside Park

Bowser Castle 1

2. Flower Cup

Mario Circuit

Boo Lake

Cheese Land

Bowser Castle 2

3. Thunder Cup

Luigi Circuit

Sky Garden

Cheep Cheep Island

Sunset Wilds

4. Star Cup

Snow Land

Ribbon Road

Yoshi Desert

Bowser Castle 3

5. Special Cup

Lakeside Park

Broken Pier

Bowser Castle 4

Rainbow Road

6. Battle Courses

Battle Course 1

Battle Course 2

Battle Course 3

Battle Course 4

7. Extra Mushroom Cup

Mario Circuit 1

Donut Plains 1

Ghost Valley 1

Bowser Castle 1

8. Extra Flower Cup

Mario Circuit 2

Choco Island 1

Ghost Valley 2

Donut Plains 2

9. Extra Lightning Cup

Bowser Castle 2

Mario Circuit 3

Koopa Beach 1

Choco Island 2

10. Extra Star Cup

Vanilla Lake 1

Bowser Castle 3

Mario Circuit 4

Donut Plains 3

7. Extra Special Cup

Koopa Beach 2

Ghost Valley 3

Vanilla Lake 2

Rainbow Road

Mario Kart: Super Circuit Characters​

The following characters/drivers are playable in Mario Kart: Super Circuit:

Donkey Kong

Mario Kart: Super Circuit Unlockables​

Classic SNES Tracks (Time Trials)

Unlock them in 150cc to unlock in Time Trials.

Classic SNES Tracks in GP Mode

To begin, complete the circuit once with a gold in each race.Play through each cup again to collect at least 100 coins. This will unlock the classic SNES version of each cup.

Special Cup

Get a gold trophy in every race of each cup.

Alternate Title Screen

Complete all the circuits in 50cc, 100cc and 150cc to unlock an orange background screen instead of the blue background.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit Tips​

Starting Boost or Rocket Start

Wait until the final light appears at the beginning of the race, and then hold down the acceleration button. This will give you a starting boost.

Avoid Spinning on Obstacles

To avoid spinning on some obstacles, such as puddles, press the brake button right before you spin out of control. This will stop the spinning animation from happening and allow you to continue to race.
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