Prepare for a Showdown in Peach vs. Bowser Tour

Get ready for a showdown in the next tour in Mario Kart Tour! The next tour will be the Peach vs. Bowser tour, which will feature DS Peach Gardens! This is a chance to take this track for a test drive before it heads onto Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on December 7th as well. The tour will begin on November 29, 2022, at…

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Booster Course Pass Wave 3 Release Date

Keep your eyes open next month for Wave 3 of the Booster Course Pass. Today, Nintendo announced that Wave 3 will be available on December 7, 2022! The following courses will be included: Maple Treeway (Mario Kart Wii) Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 7) Boo Lake (Mario Kart: Super Circuit) Berlin Byways (Mario Kart Tour) Rock Rock Mountain (Mario Kart 7) Peach Gardens (Mario…

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Topped with Crashing Fever in the Animal Tour

The new tour has already started, and the Mario Kart Tour team did such an amazing job on the Animal Tour! We’re so thrilled at seeing the course icons and what we could possibly guess by just looking at them for the very first time. We know instantly that this tour is going to be so much fun to race. The Animal Tour…

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Major Website Changes & Next Event Information

I wanted to do a quick update for everyone on the changes that will be coming to the website. Over the next few weeks and months, we will be switching over to a forum and away from the current style that we have now. We are doing this because we want more of a community style for this website. We will still be…

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Top 5 Favorite Courses in the Autumn Tour That We Love

How is everyone doing in the Autumn Tour? We’re having a blast racing through all the courses multiple times, from Pauline Cup to Peachette Cup, during the Autumn Tour before it ends on November 15th, 2022. You definitely have your very own list of favorite courses during this tour, and today we want to share our top 5 favorite courses that we love…

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