Topped with Crashing Fever in the Animal Tour

Diddy 6

The new tour has already started, and the Mario Kart Tour team did such an amazing job on the Animal Tour! We’re so thrilled at seeing the course icons and what we could possibly guess by just looking at them for the very first time. We know instantly that this tour is going to be so much fun to race. The Animal Tour video trailer got us so excited, and it gets even better.

New Awesome Rewards and Challenge

Mario Kart Tour surprises are top-notch, and using a brand new Mii suit in a cute cow known as the Moo Moo Mii racing suit lets you use a mushroom cannon. What a perfect Mii suit during this tour season, especially during crashing fever time, and we also got a Shy Guy character in light blue. You will have so much fun throwing ice balls while racing and driving past frozen opponents on the way to the finish line.

If you like to play in multiplayer mode, this new challenge is for you! Stay in first place for three streaks to unlock cool rewards from Karts Pro Challenges. Better get them all while the challenge is still available. Hurry up, let’s press “OK!” and drive!

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