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Rev up your inner Bowser! Get ready to be amazed, as the Bowser Tour has now made its way to the Mario Kart Tour, featuring heart-pumping tracks that will keep you on the edge of your seat. So, Mario Kart fans, buckle up as we dive into the thrilling world of the Bowser Tour and explore the courses that have players everywhere buzzing with excitement! Let’s go!

Bowser’s Castle Courses​


Let’s imagine yourself hurtling through the imposing Bowser’s Castle, the course that serves as the crowning jewel of the Bowser Tour. These courses will be a true challenge with their intricate design, treacherous obstacles, and fiery hazards that will push your racing skills to the limit. It’s going to be so much fun that you want to come back for more races. Watch out for the swinging Thwomps and strategically placed lava pits that can send you off track. Only the bravest racers will emerge victorious in this fierce battleground!

Airship Fortress Courses​


Take to the skies and experience the high-flying action of the Airship Fortress. This track is a testament to Bowser’s mechanical genius, featuring massive airships, tricky platforms, and perilous jumps. Manoeuver your kart with finesse to avoid the barrage of cannon fire and outwit your opponents. With its blend of aerial acrobatics and nail-biting competition, the Airship Fortress is a standout track on the Bowser Tour.

So, grab your favorite character, select your trusty kart, and get ready to conquer the courses in style. The Bowser Tour is now waiting for us to explore, and it’s time to show Bowser and his minions who truly rule the racing world! Remember, stay on the lookout for power-ups, use your driving skills wisely, and most importantly, have a blast as you compete against friends and other fellow racers from around the world. The Bowser Tour is here to remind us that racing can be both fierce and fun. Let the adventure begin!
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