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In this Exploration Tour, Mario Kart Tour players get a chance to become explorers, racing through mystery places from under the water to above the ground. We selected our top 3 courses that we love to explore during the tour to share with you. Let’s find out what those courses are! Surely, you will love them as much as we do.

Piranha Plant Cove​

MarioKartTour_20230213_190347-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_190354-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_190758-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_190918-1024x768.png
MarioKartTour_20230213_190819-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_190832-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_190903-1024x768.png

Piranha! That sounds scary, yet exciting. It turned out we couldn’t judge the course by its title. We looked for piranhas in the water but couldn't find any. Even though there’s no one piping in and out, we, as players, will technically feel like we’re piranhas ourselves.

Piranha Plant Cove lies under the sea. We start the race under the water to drive all the way into ancient and mysterious areas. The scenes and items around the course reminded us of a treasure hunt in one of the Mummies movies; instead, we set it under the sea with some ancient traps in the Mario style.

Piranha Plant Slide​

MarioKartTour_20230213_191507-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_191530-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_191531-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_192406-1024x768.png
MarioKartTour_20230213_191607-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_191615-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_191629-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_192507-1024x768.png
MarioKartTour_20230213_191653-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_192246-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_192258-1024x768.png

A water theme park meets caves and tunnels and Mario themes. Piranha Plant Slide is the course we are most excited about. Begin your journey with a giant slider, just like at a colorful water theme park. It leads you straight into a dark cave under the water. In this part, you will experience racing through an abyss-like dungeon filled with water areas and tons of turns at every corner.

We thought that was all of it until the road led us to another slider into a tunnel, just like in a sci-fi movie. You will have a blast racing in there and then jumping out into a whole new world. Before you know it, you've landed in a theme similar to one you've seen your entire life: the Mario World theme. This course will definitely be one of your favorites on this Exploration Tour.

Rock Rock Mountain​

MarioKartTour_20230213_193026-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_193100-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_193146-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_193158-1024x768.png
MarioKartTour_20230213_193203-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_193235-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_193249-1024x768.png MarioKartTour_20230213_193318-1024x768.png

Now it is time to get out of the water and up in the sky. Well, we’re not technically flying, of course. This time we will explore the jungle, a cave, and a mountain that stands high in the sky. Begin your ride by riding around the rim of a mountain. If you are afraid of heights, this might give you butterflies in your stomach during this section since there are a lot of extremely high and low areas in this course to complete the exotic exploration.
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