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Yeehaw, racers! Hold on to your hats as Mario Kart Tour takes you on a rooting tooting ride with the Pipe Tour! Get ready to wrangle some exclusive items, conquer new racing tracks, and experience a wild-west adventure like no other!

Giddy Up with Exclusive Items


Photo Credit: Mario Kart Tour

First in line for the exclusive items is Pauline (Cowgirl), ready to show off her rodeo skills and charm the competition with her country flair. Picture her in a cowgirl hat, riding the Boo Pipes kart—a hauntingly fast and stylish ride that'll leave your rivals shaking in their boots. And as you soar through the skies, be sure to catch a glimpse of the Wiggler Parachute and its vibrant, wiggly charm. Not to mention, The Desert Rose Wagon will have you cruising through the desert sands like a true outlaw, while The Mosaic Starchute glider adds a touch of mosaic artistry to your sky-high maneuvers. Y'all will be the talk of the town with these exclusive gems!

Taming Wild Tracks


The Pipe Tour is all about the thrills, and that means two incredible tracks that'll leave you hooting and hollering for more! First up is the Piranha Plant Pipeline, where you'll be navigating through treacherous pipes and piranha plants popping up left and right! Keep your eyes peeled and your steering skills sharp; it's a race against the ferocious flora. And don't let the desert heat slow you down in Dry Dry Ruins! This ancient and sandy track will put your drifting abilities to the test, with sharp turns and challenging obstacles that'll have you riding the edge of excitement.

Unleash Your Inner Cowboy


The Pipe Tour in Mario Kart Tour is more than just a race; it's a chance to embrace your inner cowboy or cowgirl and saddle up for a wild adventure! With Pauline (Cowgirl) leading the way and the Boo Pipes kart adding a touch of spookiness to the showdown, you'll feel like you've stepped right into the wild west. The Wiggler Parachute's wiggly charm and The Desert Rose Wagon's desert-themed style will make you stand out as the roughest rider on the circuit. And as you race through the Piranha Plant Pipeline and Dry Dry Ruins, you'll feel the thrill of the frontier like never before.

So, grab your hat, hop on your kart, and get ready to lasso in the fun with the Pipe Tour in Mario Kart Tour. It's time to showcase your skills, collect those exclusive items, and ride the dusty trails of adventure like a true cowboy or cowgirl! The Piranha Plant Pipeline and Dry Dry Ruins await your victory lap. So saddle up and let's mosey on down to the wildest race yet! Yeehaw!
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