Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Summary

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Setting up Mario Kart Live is a pretty simple thing. Nintendo gives you guidance when it comes to real-world courses, and while it’s a simple process, some people can surely get confused with the creativity-demanding design tutorials. The RC Kart is pretty easy to control, and it’s pretty easy to forget that your kart is real when you’re looking at the Switch’s screen. On the other hand, one thing that a lot of people complained about was the fact that maintenance on the kart was a hassle. It’s only half a pound, and since there’s a real-life product involved, things like a ball of hair can get stuck in the tire, making it impossible to turn. All in all, the concept of bringing AR to the real world is still a bit immature, but this unique experience is definitely a dream come true for avid Mario Kart fans.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Items​

Banana Peel: It makes a kart spin around and come to a brief halt.
Blooper: This item sprays ink on all the players ahead of the user, reducing their visibility for a short period of time.
Bob-omb: Blows up a race car anywhere on the track. It has the same effect as a Spiny Shell, but can be lobbed backwards instead of only forward.
Boomerang Flower: Can be thrown up to three times to spin enemies off and make them lose control.
Bullet Bill: This item transforms the user into a Bullet Bill. Increasing speed and making them slam through every opponent on the track for a short period.
Chain Chomp: Gives the user a slight speed boost and chases down opponent karts with ferocity.
Coin: Boosts the player's overall speed.
Golden Mushroom: Grants the kart user an infinite amount of speed boosts for a short time.
Lightning: This item shrinks all racers except the one in use.It will make the other racers vulnerable to getting run over.
Mushroom: Grants the kart user a small speed boost.
Red Shell: A Red Shell works in the same way as a Green Shell, but it will home in on an opponent kart and chase them down until they are hit.
Spiny Shell: This shell hones in on the kart in first place and targets it in particular.
Star: The Star makes the user's kart completely invulnerable to all damage, while also providing a small speed boost.
Triple Banana: It summons three Banana Peels onto a racer, allowing you to place them anywhere on the course.
Triple Mushroom: Grants the kart user three speed boosts.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Courses & Cups​

1. Mushroom Cup

Live Circuit

Lightning Lagoon

Piped Wetlands

2. Flower Cup

Freezie Frosts

Glazed Gardens

Piranha Paradise

3. Shell Cup

Royal Highway

Wibble Woods

Windswept Prairie

4. Banana Cup

Mushroom Fields

Boo Fortress

Tornado Tundra

5. Leaf Cup

Magikoopa Mirage

Crafty Tropics

Gusty Galaxy

6. Lightning Cup

Jolly Workshop

Chain Chomp Stadium

Ember Island

7. Special Cup

World 1-1

Chain Chomp Glacier

Rainbow Road

8. Mario Cup

Slick Circuit

Barrel Temple

Fossil Fields

9. Luigi Cup

Windmill Meadows

Music Broadway

King Boo’s Courtyard

There is also a random cup with 3 courses.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Unlockables​

In Mario Kart Live, you can unlock certain characters by collecting all the golden trophies from 100cc and 150cc races. Characters like Golden Mario and Luigi and Silver Mario and Luigi can be unlocked once you complete these races with golden trophies in your hand.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Tips​

Use Props to Make it Interesting

Yes! Using props can definitely make your gaming experience better. Trust me, you don’t want to create a track with an open course, it can become boring real quick. You can add your props, like decoration stuff, pencils, books, and other distractions that can make things difficult for the racer.

Use Your Creativity

Honestly, the simple racing experience can become boring real quick. So you should create a classic Mario-based theme, like including cardboard to create a tunnel or bringing some other toys to make the stage look a lot spicier.
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