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Part two of the Winter Tour has begun! Let us know in the comments what your favorite sightseeing courses are. For us, we completely fell in love with all of them. Exploring the world with Mario Kart Tour is the best! And with the Winter Tour Part 2, you can now get a traditional Thai outfit with a famous Tuk Tuk and stunning golden umbrella to complete the set.

Complete the Bangkok Look​


Daisy’s (Thai Dress) outfit is from the Bangkok Rush 3 course. Feel like a proper Thai lady by wearing a traditional Thai outfit whenever you go sightseeing in the courses.


A unique, cool-looking design Tuk-Tuk Kart lets you ride through Bangkok Rush courses in style. Extraordinary color combinations with an elephant and Thai royal patterns.


Don’t miss out on Red and Gold Umbrella to complete the Bangkok Rush courses. Show the world how much you love Thai authenticity by selecting all three items when you race on any of the Bangkok Rush courses.

Get Them All With Winter Challenges​

You won’t just get cool badges this time, but you’ll also get Ice Mario. If any of you missed it last time, do your best to complete all the challenges, and Ice Mario will finally be yours.

Here’s the list of challenges you will need to complete:

  • Start a new tour
  • Get 1st place 3 times
  • Clear 3 cups
  • Collect a total of 300 coins in races and battles
  • Get 1st place 15 times
  • Clear 6 cups
  • Collect a total of 1,000 coins in races and battles
  • Get 1st place 30 times
  • Clear 15 cups
Have fun, Mario Kart racers, and try to collect all the exclusive outfits and items before they’re gone. Don’t say we didn’t warn you; these items may not be available in the shop for quite a long time. We wish you luck on your quest to get all the badges and Ice Mario. Now don’t wait any longer and get racing!
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