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The Doctor Tour Part 2 is almost over! We have a lot of fun dressing up as Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi and exploring weird places in a doctor's coat. We have a blast, and we’re sure our Mario Kart fans do too. It’s only a few days left to enjoy the Doctor Tour. Make sure to grab doctor outfits before the tour ends to complete your doctor collection. And now, let's check out the cool stuff we have this week.

Meeting the Famous Dr. Peach!

IMG_1314 copy.png

Photo Credit: Mario Kart Tour

You are probably like us. We were looking for other doctor outfits besides Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi but found none. In Part 2, the wait is finally over as we get to see Dr. Peach in a pink coat, and she looks lovely as always. Dr. Peach is the only new character in a doctor outfit available. But that’s ok because the new glider, Pink Magniflying Glass, is just perfect for our Peach and has a cute frame. And, as you might expect, it's pink.

Don’t Miss Out on Loads of Fun in These Courses!

What are your favorite courses on the Doctor Tour? Share yours with us in this thread and spread the fun to other Mario Kart players. Our top favorites are the Coconut Mall and Sky Garden courses.




Photo Credit: Mario Kart Tour

Coconut Mall courses are extremely fun! It’s one of our favorites for this tour. If you haven’t played Mario Kart on the Wii console, you definitely need to check it out. Racing throughout the mall and expanding the fun to the parking lot, it’s the same feeling as going to the mall, but instead we race till we’re dropped.



MarioKartTour_20230306_182619 2.PNG

Photo Credit: Mario Kart Tour

Peach Gardens courses are almost on the list, but we enjoy playing our doctor-outfit characters in Sky Garden courses even more. The doctor is on duty in the Sky Garden, and seeing white and pink coats racing through the sky is just stunning and exciting.

So, grab your phone, and let’s start racing to become the best doctor racer in Mario Kart Tour!
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