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Get ready to embark on the second part of the ultimate racing adventure. The Vacation Tour continues in Mario Kart Tour with more exclusive items that are hard to miss, thrilling ranked cups, and a return to the whimsical tracks. This tour is the perfect recipe for an endless summer of racing excitement that we all love and enjoy.

Exclusive Items to Enhance Vacation Vibes


Photo Credit: Mario Kart Tour

As the tour unfolds, gear up to race in style with an array of exclusive items that are sure to turn heads. Daisy, our beloved princess, makes a splash in her vibrant orange and yellow swimwear, adding a touch of sunshine to the tracks. And don't miss out on the charming Pink Bubble Balloon glider – a delightful soap-shaped glider surrounded by fluffy white bubbles that will have you soaring through the skies with joy.


Photo Credit: Mario Kart Tour

The competition heats up with the ranked cups in Vacation Tour Part 2, offering Mario Kart fans a chance to showcase their skills and earn fantastic rewards. Secure a high position in the ranked cup to unlock the Block Mii Racing Suit, a distinctive outfit adorned with a question mark pattern in bold black and yellow hues. Alongside this, you can also add the Gold Cheap Charger Kart to your collection, a vehicle that exudes both elegance and speed.

Return to the Playful Tracks


Remember the thrill of racing through the giant bathroom paradise in the Squeaky Clean Sprint? Well, it's time to relive that excitement in Part 2 of the Vacation Tour as you navigate the whimsical bathroom-themed track once again. Imagine being a tiny racer, zipping through loops, jumps, and curves, all within the confines of a bathroom we've all dreamed of racing in. This track promises a dose of nostalgia and a whole lot of laughter. The adventure doesn't end with the first part of the vacation tour; get ready to dive right back into the action with part 2. From exclusive items that redefine your racing style to the allure of the ranked cups' cool rewards, and the joy of revisiting the Squeaky Clean Sprint, there's no shortage of excitement on this tour.
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