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Have you ever wondered what the ultimate character and vehicle is? We have some exciting news. A comprehensive study by data scientist Antoine Mayerowitz has cracked the code to find the best setup for dominating the track. Spoiler alert: It’s Peach in the Teddy Buggy!

For years, Mario Kart enthusiasts have debated over the best characters and vehicle builds, with character tiers often determining the top contenders. Traditionally, heavyweight characters like Bowser and Wario have been popular for their top speed. But Mayerowitz's study brings a fresh perspective by balancing speed, acceleration, and handling to find the true champions. Interestingly, while heavyweights are fast, they often suffer from poor acceleration. To find the sweet spot, Mayerowitz identified Cat Peach as the ideal character, sitting perfectly in the curve's middle. This approach led to the discovery of 585 distinct builds, further refined to 14 optimal combinations considering mini turbo boosts.

And the winner? Peach in the Teddy Buggy, equipped with roller tires and the Cloud glider. This combo strikes the perfect balance of speed and acceleration, making it a favorite among pro players. But hey, every Mario Kart fan has their own style. While Peach and her trusty Teddy Buggy might be statistically optimal, it's all about what suits your racing preferences. Despite the trade-offs, some players still swear by heavyweights like Donkey Kong or Wario for their raw speed.

Credits: Antoine Mayerowitz | Super Mario Wiki Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in-game statistics
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