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Start the Doctor Tour with a new user forum style that you will fall in love with. We hope you like it as much as we do. So, in this Doctor Tour, we’ll get a chance to dress up and use characters from the Mario universe dressed as doctors. How cool is that? This exciting new tour is sure to bring a new level of fun and excitement to all Mario Kart fans. Let's see what the Doctor Tour has to offer!

Cool Doctor is On Duty

IMG_1296.PNG IMG_1297.PNG
Photo Credit: Mario Kart Tour

Playing the Doctor Tour without a doctor outfit would be weird. Plus, these doctor characters are hard to miss. The beloved brothers are now dressed up as doctors. Dr. Mario, with his best work and colorful medicine capsules in his hand, stood alongside Dr. Luigi with an extra stethoscope, getting ready to help out his brother. Mario and Luigi together, wearing the very same outfit, are ready for the race!

Matching Reward Theme in the Ranked Cups


Photo Credit: Mario Kart Tour
Have you seen the new rewards in the ranked cups? When we saw the shy white guy, we couldn't believe it. It even goes with the Doctor Tour theme. It’s perfect! Not only that, but we also get Rabbit Parachute to pair with a White Shy Guy.This is the best combo ever for this tour. Make sure to be in the top rank during the ranked cups event to get all of these cool matching rewards.

Must Have Mii Racing Suit for This Tour Season​


Photo Credit: Mario Kart Tour

OMG! In addition to the doctor theme, we received the Para-Biddybud Mii Racing Suit. It's so stunning in bright red and yellow that we can’t take our eyes off it. And look at the little white wings on the helmet. Awww, we completely fell in love with it the very first time we saw the suit. If you’re collecting Mii Racing Suits, don’t miss out on this one. You also get the Double Bob-ombs special skill, which lets you use two of them that can hurl at once.
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